Conditions that can be treated using massage therapy Calgary

Conditions that can be treated using massage therapy Calgary

Are you wondering whether a visit to the best massage therapist Calgary is worth your hard-earned dollars? Here are conditions that this alternative medicine can help to improve.

Improvement of the lower back pain

There are studies that show that massage therapy in Calgary is beneficial for patients suffering from chronic lower back pain.  This is particularly the case when this is combined with other holistic workouts. There are even evidences suggesting that acupuncture massage is more effective as compared to the Swedish massage when it comes to the treatment of the lower back pain.

Reduced fibromyalgia, arthritis, joint pain and bursitis

Over half of all the people who get the massage do so to get rid of pain that occurs as a result of the soreness, injuries, stiffness, and other chronic health conditions. Massage is known to be effective in helping the stiff joints and muscles to relax. It also helps to treat the symptoms associated with the fibromyalgia-A chronic disease that is marked by generalized pain, intense fatigue, joint rigidity, sleep alterations, headache and muscle spasms.

Lowering blood pressure

In a report that was published in 2013, patients who get massage therapy showed a lower average of diastolic and systolic blood pressure readings as compared to those who didn’t. When the effect of massage therapy was evaluated, it was noted to be safe, effective and a cost-effective way of lowering pre-hypertension and BP.

Minimizing anxiety, fatigue and depression

The massage therapy has been noted to minimize stress on top of fatigue and depression. There are studies that indicate that depression is mostly triggered by chronic and active pain and depression can worsen muscle pain and tension. There are findings that show that depression and chronic pain can be as a result of the alterations on the cognitive functioning and in particular the axis of  hypothalamus-hypophyseal-adrenalin. With the multidisciplinary massage method, it is possible to reverse the depression cycle and achieve a great improvement in patients suffering from chronic muscle pain, tension, trouble sleeping, low energy and even depression.

Controlling diabetes and regulating hormones

With the alternative therapies that are being used in the treatment of underlying inflammatory and hormonal diabetes causes such as dietary supplements, massage, hydrotherapy, acupuncture, and yoga. These are quite effective in lowering the symptoms of diabetes as well as the risk factors. This is on top of the fact that they do not have any side effects like it is the case with the conventional drugs for the treatment of diabetes. For over a century, massage therapy has been used to treat diabetes and has been noted to induce relaxation, minimizing damage to nerve helping patients become more active, improved quality of diet, minimize emotional eating and improved sleep. It has also been seen to restore the right insulin use on top of lowering inflammation caused by the hormonal imbalance.

Improved immunity

There are studies that have shown that Swedish massage can assist cancer patients deal with the symptoms of their illnesses on top of lowering their distress. This can help to enhance their recovery. The interventions offered by the Swedish massage on the oncology patients have been noted to reduce the four measures:  These are physical discomfort, pain, fatigue and emotional discomfort.

Help end smoking

There are studies that show that the self-massages are an effective adjunct treatment in the adults who try to stop smoking. Massage is good in alleviating anxiety as a result of smoking, reducing withdrawal symptoms and cravings, improved moods and minimize the number of cigarettes that you smoke. Therefore, there are some good reasons why you should find the best place to get a massage in Calgary.

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