Why You Should Pay Attention to Government Politics

Government politics are definitely a touchy subject, especially if you live in the United States of America. However, you don’t have to be afraid to pay attention and interact with others when the tides turn to political talks. Here are a few reasons why you should pay attention to the political shifts in the world around you.

You Can Participate in intellectual Conversations with Friends

When you’re sitting with a group of friends and loved ones, and someone brings up political conversations, do you get up and leave? Or, do you stay and listen to what they have to say? Discussions on what matters in your country and the world can stimulate your brain in an intellectual way, giving you deeper insight into how others perceive the government and current events. Plus, you never know when someone will say something that will give you enough facts to form your own opinion on a matter. So, next time, stick around.

Your Opinions Could Make a Difference

You never know when your opinions could change the views of someone else. You could hold the knowledge that someone else needs to alter their own beliefs and become more educated on a political topic. Or vice versa. You should leave yourself open to the possibility that someone’s different political views could expand your mind and open yourself up to new beliefs and better opinions.

Politics Affect You and the People You Care About

Despite everything you hear in the media and despite whether you vote or not, government politics affect you and the people you care about. Presidents and world leaders are, in essence, just people striving to better the world in their image. It can get selfish and heated, and sometimes everyday people are caught in the crossfires of debates, protests, and general upset. Others have the “not happening to me” mentality, but it could. And you ARE affected in some way, even if on a minute level—for now.

Government politics can be the stick in the mud at your next party. Or, it could be a chance for you to express your thoughts and opinions to like-minded people. Politics are usually the taboo elephant in the room, but they don’t have to be. So, next time you feel the conversation taking a serious, open-opinioned turn into government conversation, engage, interact, and connect with others. Remember that just because someone has a different opinion doesn’t make them less of a good person. Additionally, regular talk of politics is a brand of psychiatric research, which is perfect for healthcare professionals in training.