What makes Black CTC tea different from other varieties of Tea

What makes Black CTC tea different from other varieties of Tea

Which is the most popular drink offered to guests in India? You need not scratch your head since the answer is straightforward and it is Tea. India is known to be a tea-loving nation and hence you assume that everyone loves teaJ. Though tea is widely loved across India, each one of us prefers different varieties of tea e.g. Green tea, Black tea, Lemon-ginger tea, etc. Every flavor of tea has its own health benefits so that people who consume them not only relish the taste but also get healthier! Black tea is one such favor that has a significant fan following, let’s have a look at more details about Black tea.

Black CTC Tea or Black Tea is called CTC tea due to the process being used in manufacturing the tea. The process is called as Crush (C), Tear (T), and Curl (C) and it is the most widely used process for processing Black tea. Black tea is more oxidized than other flavors of tea. As a matter of fact, when people about tea; they are generally referring to Black Tea. Each type of black tea has its individual flavor. Black tea has more bitterness, but it becomes more smooth & flavored if it is brewed correctly. Black tea contains polyphenols that protect your cells from DNA damage. Women who regularly consume Black tea have a much lower risk of ovarian cancer. The anti-oxidants present in the Black tea can be instrumental in lowering the risks of heart attacks and cardiovascular diseases. There are many other benefits of having Black teaJ. Drinking Black tea regularly lowers the risk of Kidney stone, High cholesterol, Diabetes, and Parkinson’s disease. The caffeine present in Black tea stimulates hair growth.

There are different varieties of Black CTC tea a. Assam b. Darjeeling c. Ceylon and d. Kenyan. The price of Black CTC tea is comparable with other flavors of tea and popular brands like Goodricke Tea have wide varieties of Black tea. How do you make Black Tea? The procedure is very simple, you can use loose leaves or tea bags. All it takes is a couple of minutes to make Black CTC tea. Black tea has a strong unique flavor. Great taste coupled with health benefits makes it tea lover’s delight. We had earlier mentioned that Goodricke Tea has Black CTC tea of different flavors and you can buy black tea online in India from their website. As it is a very popular brand, Black tea from Goodricke Tea is also available across leading departmental stores & supermarkets in India.

The primary advantage of buying Black CTC tea online from the website is that the product gets delivered to your doorstep at no extra cost. In case you are not satisfied with the packaging or some other aspects related to the product shipping, you can even arrange for a reverse pick-up and the amount will be refunded back to you.

With Black CTC tea offering so many benefits, it is time you witness the taste of Black CTC tea and make it a part of your daily routine.