What Are the Risks of Hash Oil?

What Are the Risks of Hash Oil?

Wax pen vaporizer use is making headlines lately, and not just because many people are using wax pens and other devices to get relief from symptoms of medical conditions. Many news stories are circulating that claim that hash oil is incredibly dangerous, leading those who use marijuana vaporizer devices to worry about the safety of their vaporizers.

Background on Hash Oil

So just what is this substance that’s being talked about by the media? Basically, hash oil is a thick oily resin produced from cannabis. It is also sometimes called honey oil, dab, earwax, and shatter due to its appearance and texture. Compared to dry herbs, hash oil has a much higher concentration of THC, so it’s often preferred by medicinal users.

The Dangers of Dabbling with DIY Dab

Hash oil can be made by users at home, and often this is done with a highly flammable liquid called butane. It turns out that it’s the people trying to make their own hash oil that are becoming the subjects of news stories. Because butane can be ignited easily, people are accidentally causing large explosions while trying to make hash oil in their homes. Stories from Colorado and California describe massive explosions that severely damage property. Apparently, explosions are most common when hash oil is placed inside of the freezer during the manufacturing process, as a fridge can create a small spark that ignites the butane that has built up inside.

The Legality of Making Your Own Hash Oil

In places where it’s legal for adults to use marijuana legally, or where it’s legal for those with prescriptions to use marijuana, using concentrated weed oil in a wax vaporizer pen (see: http://www.vaporplants.com/wax-pens-portable-vaporizers) is usually not illegal. Similarly, it’s generally not illegal to make your own hash oil if you are legally able to buy marijuana. Still, if you cause an explosion that hurts someone or damages property, you could be arrested. Because of the risks associated with hash oil production, there is talk of banning it in some places, including in California.

Avoiding Trouble with Hash Oil

While the news stories about wax exploding are alarming, it’s important to keep things in perspective. The use of wax pens in and of itself is not likely to cause an explosion; it’s making your own hash oil that is risky. That’s why it’s best to buy waxes that are already made from a dispensary.

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