Treat Your Back Pain With Physical Therapy

Treat Your Back Pain With Physical Therapy

It is estimated that one in five Americans suffer from back pain. In an average year, 500 million people will turn to surgery or medication for relief. However, there is another way. Before making an appointment with a surgeon or taking that next pain pill, consider giving physical therapy a try.

Diagnoses and Treats the Cause of the Pain

Back pain can stem from accidents, arthritis, osteoporosis, ruptured discs, scoliosis or even a strain or sprain from twisting or bending down. No matter the cause, the resulting injury can cause consistent aching, numbness, tingling or sharp pain. These symptoms can be debilitating and negatively affect day-to-day life. Physical therapy often treats the pain, but a physical therapist can also many times diagnose and treat the underlying cause of the pain. This means the resulting treatment can be unique for each patient because every injury is unique.

Targets Your Specific Need

Back strain from lifting a laundry basket differs from back pain from a car accident. Each patient’s treatment should be approached differently according to his or her specific situation. Physical therapy Valrico FL treatment can range from spinal manipulation, deep tissue massage and even heat therapy. Once the therapist knows the cause of the pain, where the pain is and its severity, he or she can provide the most beneficial treatment. While some types of back pain can be quickly resolved, other types may take many visits. Some treatments, such as specific exercise moves, can be continued at home with the therapist’s guidance.

Provides Noninvasive Options

Recovering from back surgery can be a painful process that can take up to three months. However, physical therapy procedures and treatments are generally noninvasive and require very little or no downtime at all. Many patients leave the office feeling little to no pain and enjoy increased mobility.

There are many options to consider when looking at treatment for chronic back pain. Speak with your physician, chiropractor or specialist about physical therapy for back pain and see if it’s right for you.