Review of the PEARL IZUMI Men’s Select RD IV-M Cycling Shoe

Indoor cycling is an excellent form of workout to enhance the intensity, tolerance, and stamina of an individual. It needs a unique piece of equipment that is an indoor bicycle with a heavy flywheel. You have to ride on it and continue pedaling. Your pedaling cannot be proper without wearing an excellent pair of cycling shoes.

So, it is essential to wear indoor cycling shoes for efficient and comfortable pedaling. They also keep your feet protected from getting blisters and help you save from accidental slipping from the pedals. You only need to select the right cycling shoes.

But choosing the best pair is very difficult because there are plenty of options available on the market. To narrow down your choice, we’ve come out with the excellent PEARL IZUMI Men’s Select RD IV-M Cycling Shoe. Hopefully, these shoes can fulfill your requirements.

Review of PEARL IZUMI Men’s Select RD IV-M Cycling Shoe

Pearl Izumi Men’s RD IV-M cycling shoes are one of the best indoor cycling shoes available on the market today. Many workout enthusiasts can do intense exercises at home with these shoes. Typically, they have durable construction due to the use of different materials. You can find these shoes breathable and comfortable while wearing them. Besides, you will have a lot of attractive features of these indoor cycling shoes, which increase your cycling needs to the next level.

Durable Structure

The Pearl Izumi Men’s cycling shoes are a pair of high-quality materials and ensure durable construction. The main body of the shoes is made a mixture of plastic, textiles, and rubber to make it versatile and stronger. Besides, the outer part of these shoes is designed with rubber, steel, and EVA foam. These combinations are vital for making the shoes firm and comfortable. Overall, they offer black and true red colors so that you can choose your preferred one.

Stiff Sole

These indoor cycling shoes come with a stiff sole, which is made of rubber with nylon and plastic. This synthetic sole includes 1:1 power plate for stiffness and durability. It also has direct-vent technology for cooling moisture and draining water. Again, it ensures longitudinal and transverse arch support for the users while they are on an exercise bike. Besides, this sole comes with a rubber heel bumper to provide stability and comfort when off the bike.

Adjustable Straps

These shoes come with 1:1 three anatomically-placed closures to eliminate hot spots and remove pressure from your instep. These adjustable hook-and-loop straps help you to get a custom fit. These straps position at a 25-degree angle to better the contours of your foot, which improve both comfort and security. You will get a great deal on these shoes due to the way the Velcro closures work.

SPD compatible

These shoes are compatible with almost all the cleats, especially with road or SPD pedal systems. They have the 3- triangular holes and the two side-by-side holes on the shoe sole. Also, they can accommodate any 3-bolt cleat. You only need to get longer screws with the clips. Remember that the shoes don’t include cleats, so you have to purchase them separately. Overall, you will have a pair of versatile cycling shoes if you pick them.


These shoes offer direct-vent technology for cooling moisture and ensuring water transition and drainage. On the upper body of the shoes, you will find some little holes to make sure that the shoes are breathable while having workouts on an indoor exercise bike. Besides, the breathable mesh inserts and lining on the toe provide heightened ventilation and offer a great next-to-foot feel for making the longtime rides comfortable. 


  • Compatible with SPD cleats
  • Synthetic sole with EVA foam
  • Stiff and durable
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • 1:1 anatomic closure for removing pressure


  • Only three sizes are available


Before you hit an indoor exercise bike, you need to make sure that you have the best cycling shoes on your feet. However, these shoes are ideal for indoor cycling as they have plenty of features to consider. And the price of these shoes is pretty affordable. If you choose this pair of cycling shoes, it may be a suitable fitness gear for you. Enjoy the secured workouts at your home.