Managing Chronic Neck Pain: The Benefits of Alternative Medicine

Managing Chronic Neck Pain: The Benefits of Alternative Medicine

Neck pain and radiculopathy caused by herniated discs or spondylosis in your cervical spine can be very painful. These conditions don’t create only localized pain, they can also cause pain to radiate down your back, shoulders, arms, and hands. There are a couple ways to manage this type of pain that you may not have considered yet.

Use Natural Remedies

While prescription pain killers may be helpful to achieve some measure of relief in the short term, they’re not a good long term solution. They can cause unwanted side effects, they may lose their efficacy over time, and it’s possible that you could develop an unhealthy chemical dependency and feel as though you need to continue taking them even when they no longer offer appreciable relief. Cannabis products are a safer and healthier alternative to opioid pain killers. Cannabis products that offer pain relief can be inhaled, ingested, or applied topically. If you need to purchase THC oil in Chicago, choose a dispensary where you can make an appointment and get an expert consultation about what products may benefit you.

Try Acupuncture

Some people are reticent to try acupuncture because they feel put off about the idea of needles helping to generate relief from pain, but this centuries-old treatment method has been particularly helpful for individuals who are dealing with nerve pain. Acupuncture works by tapping into pressure points and redirecting the transmission of neural pain while also helping spasmed muscles to unclench and relax.

When you’ve been coping with pain for a long time, it has likely had a substantial impact on your quality of life. You owe it to yourself to explore any possible avenue of relief. Don’t dismiss treatment options out of hand simply because you’re skeptical about them. Any form of relief, however small, can make a positive difference and help improve the efficacy of other forms of treatment such as physical therapy.