How to make your stay in hospital more comfortable

How to make your stay in hospital more comfortable

While surgery can necessitate a lengthy hospital stay for the patient, that stay can induce serious discomfort and stress. This is largely because life as a hospital patient can have very different implications to the home routines to which that patient had become accustomed. If you are preparing for an extended tenure in a hospital ward, here are a few things you can do to help prevent unhelpful anguish that could otherwise emerge.

Don’t resist asking lingering questions, however “stupid”

It’s understandable if, in the unfamiliar environment of a hospital, you have many pressing questions. While many of the answers could be put to you without any need for prompting on your part, don’t fear raising concerns staff at the hospital have not addressed for you.

Rest assured that, as Reader’s Digest insists, there’s no such thing as a daft question to ask in hospital. After all, the stress of being in hospital could impair your cognitive abilities – and the institution’s personnel will understand this as they carefully answer your queries.

Keep – and regularly use – a notebook

Having a notebook at hand could prove incredibly useful when staff are answering those questions we have just mentioned. After all, noting down the answers could prevent you forgetting them and so needing to locate a member of staff again to be reminded.

You could also use that notebook to record your conversations with different members of staff and so prevent becoming confused and disorientated, which can too easily happen in hospital.

Exercise as much as you can

However limited your opportunities of exercising in hospital, you shouldn’t resist making use of them. The Archives of Internal Medicine has published a study indicating that older patients who exercised could slash the length of their hospital stay by 36 hours on average.

Take a tablet device – like an iPad – with you

A tablet device could soon prove an indispensible piece of equipment during your hospital tenure. You could, for example, use it to maintain contact with relatives and friends, keep fit by using fitness apps, and also read e-books; there’s an Amazon Kindle app for both iPads and Android tablets. You could also, before entering hospital, download some good films and TV shows to the device.

Keep in touch with loved ones over video chat

There are now plenty of apps through which you can video chat, something that once seemed so futuristic that it featured prominently in the year 2015 to which Marty McFly time-travelled in the 1980s film franchise Back to the Future.

Whether you use Skype, FaceTime or another app, video chatting can even let you eat with your loved ones without them needing to visit the hospital, as illustrated by cancer charity Bloodwise.

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