How is diabetes treated?

How is diabetes treated?

How is diabetes treated?

The goal of treating a person with diabetes is to control their blood sugar levels and avoid health problems or associated complications. But each person has different needs and each must have a specific plan of care for diabetes. You can treat it with the trulicity. Trulicity price is small on Prescription Hope. 

A team at your side

Experts recommend that diabetes be treated as a team. You are the essential member of this team, since you are the person affected by the pathology and you live it every day.

You can involve family members or close friends who can help you plan and prepare meals, join you for exercise, accompany you to doctor’s appointments, or just lend you an ear careful. You can also search for diabetes support groups in your area.

Your healthcare team

Now let’s talk about the people you can include in your care team. These members will depend on a number of factors, including the specialists you will need to help you manage your diabetes and the possibilities offered by the health care system that you report to.

Here is a list of health professionals you can join on your diabetes care team:

  • Referring Physician: Person you meet for general checkups or when you are sick.
  • Endocrinologist: doctor with specialized training in hormonal diseases such as diabetes.
  • Nurse: A nurse with experience in diabetes care and training for people with diabetes and their loved ones.
  • Certified Dietitian: A trained nutrition professional who can help you make the right nutrition choices based on your nutritional needs, weight, lifestyle, medications and other health goals.
  • Ophthalmologist or Optometrist: Doctor specialized in eye diseases, including diabetic retinopathy, and trained in their diagnosis.
  • Social Worker / Psychologist / Psychiatrist / Family Therapist  : A mental health professional who can help you with the personal and emotional aspects of living with diabetes.
  • Podiatrist  : doctor trained in foot treatment and other leg problems.
  • Pharmacist  : a health professional who prepares and delivers medications and medical devices and who can also advise you on treatments for diabetes and other medications.
  • Dentist: doctor who guarantees the good health of your teeth and your gums.
  • Exercise Physiology Specialist: A health care professional trained in exercise science who can help you include effective exercises in your diabetes treatment.

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