Moisturizing shampoos and silicones !!

Moisturizing shampoos and silicones !!

Your haircare is abusing your hair. Especially if you use haircare with silicones. You maybe don’t  know that silicons are mineral oil based polymers which have the main purpose to seal.


In hair products silicone’s are widely used. They are providing slip and shine, it can also help to smooth and straighten your hair.

Sounds great. But how they do that.

The Silicones are covering each single hair. This results in a artificial silicone layer, which makes visually your hair look good. The artificial silicone cover make damaged hair appear healthy by covering each single hair. It also protects the hair, but it also seals it.

Negative effects from silicone’s !

Silicone is almost like rubber or plastic.  The main purpose is to apply it for sealing against water, like in your bath room. So the silicones layers surrounding your hair gives a unreal shine and the fantasy of healthy hair.

Also the silicone will weigh the hair, making it limp,lifeless, and over the time, very dull. For a little time it helps for the look but in long time your hair will get dry and that will get you frizz and breakage.

Most importantly the hair will dry out, because the silicone barrier on your hair strands. This will keep the nutrients as well as vitamin’s from getting in your hair, which over time cause the hair to weaken, dry and break.

Another effect of the silicone is that silicone’s are very hydrophobic, meaning they do not washout of your hair, and the silicone layers will adding up layer by layer. This is called “Built up Effect”

So the moe you try to treat your hair and add extra silicone to the hair more extra silicon is added which damages the hair even more. This is called the cycle of damage.

Especially for your damaged hair and curly hair the silicone can be a huge problem. It will get stuck on the curls and weighten them in addition. Due to the extra weight, your curls the volume and lift will vanish which gives a really bad look.


Water-soluble silicone’s has the meaning that it is able to dissolve in water so it should be more easy to wash it out from your hair and it will not leave a serious buildup. Cyclomethicone is the silicone mostly used ingredient in haircare goods, which should be water soluble.

The industry did not bring any prove that this is really the case and there is no built up effect at all. So we recommend to go for silicone free at all.


Silicone is non-water-soluble and can be only removed using a clarifying shampoo.

Just wash your hair 2-3 times with a good clarifying shampoo and the hair can start to breath again.

Your silicone free Moisturizing shampoo !!!

You should do do a little research before you buy a haircare product for yourself.  Especeally  german companies produce great natural, vegan silicone free moisturizing shampoos Feuchtigkeitsshampoo which are very recommended.

First always check the ingredient list and study the ingredients of the product. Check the ingredient list carefully and look for the ending “cone”. If you are in doubt you can always check in the internet.

(INFO – In the ingredient list the earlier mentioned the product is on the list, the higher the percentage of that element will be in the product.)

In the meanwhile there are many silicone-free haircare products on the market. We prefer and recommend not only products without silicone ,all natural are the real products I love to use. They are a little bit more expensive but never make compromises on the health and beauty of your hair and body.

For the health of your body as well as your beauty you should only give the best to your body and don’t look for the cheapest price. Vegan products without silicone will give your hair the beauty back.