Collagen supplements for hair –scientifically proven with guaranteed results

Collagen supplements for hair –scientifically proven with guaranteed results

While studying basic science in school, we learnt that our skin is made up of collagen. Collagen is nothing but a kind of protein, which is abundant in the human body. Infact it is the most abundantly found protein in the body. Our skin, ligaments and tendons are all made up of collagen. The best thing about this protein is that the body generates the same on its own. However, with aging, the capacity of the body of producing decreases. And this process starts as early as 25 years of age. After that, the rate of depletion of collagen from the body is alarming at almost 1%-2% per year. Obviously various kinds of issues related to collagen deficiency start showing up. In such situations, collagen supplements can be really helpful as they get absorbed by the body and start working.

Collagen and hair – the connection

We know the importance of collagen in our bodies. Among the different functions that it has, collagen plays an important role in maintaining hair health. Since collagen is protein, it helps in replenishing hair loss to quite an extent and makes hair strong at the same time. If you are looking for healthy hair growth and development, you can try collagen drink or any other kinds of supplements. With use of such supplements, you can see growth in hair volume and also good quality of hair at the same time. The tresses become silky and lustrous at the same time.

Collagen supplements benefits for hair – some ways in which collagen helps hair

We all know the importance and benefits of collagen for skin. But the protein also comes with great benefits for hair. Mentioned below are some ways in which collagen helps hair and these ways are backed by science and evidence:

  • Helps in fighting damage of hair follicles – It is an interesting fact to know that collagen has the ability of acting as antioxidant. As a result, damage by free radicals can be averted to quite an extent with collagen. Free radicals are considered as harmful compounds which are seen to develop in the body because of various factors like air pollutants, stress, alcohol, smoking, poor diet and eating habits and various other environmental factors. When there are innumerable free radical, they cause damage to proteins, cells and DNA. Hair follicles are also damaged by free radicals. With aging, the body loses its capacity of fighting free radicals and hence aging people are more prone to hair damage. In many test results, it has been seen that collagen, which is derived from fish scales has shown to have very strong antioxidant activity. Consuming collagen increases antioxidants and prevents hair follicle damage.
  • Contains amino acids for building hair–Keratin is the main protein of which hair is made of. There are different kinds of amino acids, which are used for building keratin in the body and collagen contains some such amino acids. When other proteins and collagen are taken, they are broken down further into amino acids by the body and new compounds and proteins are formed. Our bodies can make 11 nonessential amino acids and the rest 9 essential ones have to be obtained from the diet. There are mainly three nonessential amino acids in collagen – hydroxyproline, proline and glycine. Keratin’s main component is proline and thus this is important for hair health and growth.
  • Might slow the process of hair greying – Because of its antioxidant properties, collagen helps in fighting cell damage in the body along with preventing and slowing the process of hair greying. Hair greying due to genetics and aging is normal, but when it happens due to free radical damage, it can be combated with collagen. With aging, lesser melanin pigment is produced and hence the color of hair starts greying. But other factors like stress, poor diet, environmental pollutants etc. can affect the melanin-creating cells. With less antioxidants, hair might start greying. Premature greying can be combated along with slowing down of age-related greying.
  • Hair thinning associated to aging can be combated –The middle layer of the skin is known as dermis and this layer has the roots of each individual hair. Dermis is made up of 70% collagen. The strength and elasticity of the dermis comes from collagen. With aging, less amounts of collagen are produced by the body and the cells are not replenished in the dermis. As a result, the hair doesn’t get nutrition and gets thinner with time. With collagen supplementation from outside, one gets healthy dermis and the problem of hair thinning can also be restricted.
  • Extremely easy to add to food regimen –Adding collagen to the diet is very simple as it can be done through supplements as well as through different food items. You can try bones, muscles and skins of beef, chicken, fish and pork. Food abounding in vitamin C are also great for boosting collagen production in the body. Collagen powder, capsules, collagen drink etc. are some of the most common ways in which collagen can be taken as supplement.

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