What to do when suffering from a cold for 365 days!

What to do when suffering from a cold for 365 days!

I can imagine that it can be frustrating. I am sure even if our sun stays on top all 24 hours, we would have a very different life. Having a long-term cold or congestion that persists for over months make anyone’s life a living hell. One reason behind the same is that cold is a common disorder. So, before running to the drugstore, understanding the infection is necessary. If it’s sinusitis or sinus infection; it certainly needs a bit more attention than cold. If you do not know about the sinusitis, you might wonder what is it? Although there are several advanced ENT clinics in Bangalore who are offering a modern cure to the ailment and that too, in a daycare procedure.

So, How does sinus infection cause problems?

Sinus is a small, air-filled cavity behind the cheekbones and forehead. It produces mucus which drains through the nose. The sinuses are unable to drain the mucus and get trapped if the sinuses are infected. So, sinus passage becomes obstructed and sinus chambers fill up with pus. That leads to swelling in sinus causing congestion and discomfort. You need to find a good sinus doctor in Bangalore for sinusitis treatment and cure.

It renders a patient with difficulty breathing due to blockage and inflammation. So when things go wrong with the sinus, patients experience intense pain & fight to perform routine jobs in day-to-day life. Sinus infection tends to clear up on its own within 8 – 10 days but, occasionally, sinus surgery is required. Moreover, the treatment for sinus has evolved a lot. Now, new and advanced procedures are an inspiration in healthcare. In an ideal condition, cold resolves on its own when the body’s immunity kicks in but cold lasting throughout the year can be the result of very low body immunity.

Can sinus cold and congestion last over a year?

Let me share a story of one of my friends with you. She was a long-time patient of sinus and this is what she said, “I was suffering from cold when I came to Bangalore. The climate here did not suit me. It used to become worse in the night and early morning. I would sneeze continuously for 5 mins and throat, ear and eye irritation were just worse. If there were any small dust particle or dust mite then I’m gone to sneezing mode. I will always look for my handkerchief after the inflammation of nasal passage.”

Her sinus specialist at the best ENT clinic in Bangalore mentioned to her that she has Allergic Rhinitis that led to sinus infection. She was informed by the sinus doctor that it is an allergic response to various agents that can be smoke, dust, strong odors, or certain foods. It is mostly accompanied by a running nose, itching, sneezing, nose block and even loss of smell. If you are worried about the nasal congestion and your sinus problem, you need an ENT doctor to conduct a proper diagnosis and start your medication.
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Health tips to cure a cold and relieve sinus symptoms

  • Try to make a comprehensive allergic profile so you can identify and detect the substances you are allergic to
  • Try and use a mask as far as possible when you go out; the same is readily available at chemist shops and you will get relief after you begin with the treatment
  • Cold is a common viral disease that infects a person when the body’s immune system goes down; it can last for 3 – 4 days until the body regains its immunity
  • You need to visit a good doctor if your problem is related to body immunity power
  • A patient can add Yoga and Pranayam or exercises in the morning time at least for an hour
  • Choose balanced diets & healthy foods, add more fresh vegetables & fruits in your diet
  • Do not eat leftovers or frozen foods
  • Take ayurvedic chyawanprash regularly as it is more beneficiary for the people suffering from cold
  • Always drink filtered water; change your water purifier that provides pure drinking water without electricity; a lot of people get cold from impure & infected water
  • Keep your bed in a properly ventilated area

My cold is not going away! Is it a sinus problem?

You can take an Endoscopic sinus surgery that is designed to improve the drainage of the sinuses. It also improves airflow through the nose. Endoscopic sinus surgery goals include:

  • Reduce the number and lower the severity of sinus infections
  • Improvement in symptoms associated with sinusitis
  • Improvement of airflow through the nose
  • Improvement in a patient’s sense of smell

FESS is a minimally invasive technique used to restore sinus ventilation and normal function and the same is available at Pristyn Care Clinic in Bangalore. The most suitable candidates for this procedures are those who get recurrent acute or chronic infective sinusitis. It has been seen that improvement in symptoms of up to 90 percent may be expected following the procedure. Fiberoptic telescopes are used for diagnosis. During the procedure, computed tomography is used to assess the anatomy and identify diseased areas.

FESS should be reserved for use in patients in whom medical treatment has failed. The procedure can be performed under local or general anesthesia on an outpatient basis. The patients usually experience minimal discomfort during the procedure and after the same, they are less likely to feel any pain. The complication rate for this procedure is lower than that for conventional sinus surgery as it is performed with advanced equipment, microdebrider. Specialized instruments are also used to straighten the septum and reduce the size of the turbinates if necessary. FESS does not involve cutting through the skin as it is performed through the nostrils. Therefore, most people can go home the same day.

Make an appointment now to cure your yearlong cold as well as a sinus problem.

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