What Should You Know About Dry Ice Blasting

What Should You Know About Dry Ice Blasting

There are many intricate parts in modern printing machines that must be kept clean. Often, printers use press cleaners to remove the dried ink buildup. However, this isn’t the best thing for many parts, and other methods, such as dry ice blasting, should be considered. 

Cleaning Your Gripper With Dry Ice Blasting

An important part of modern printing machines is the gripper. This is the part that grips a piece of paper and pulls it through a press. This is a quick process and is repeated many times in one minute. However, a dirty gripper can slow down this process and lead to poor quality prints. The result is that you lose time and money.

One of the best ways to clean a gripper is dry ice blasting. This is a safer option than chemical cleaners. Additionally, the presses don’t have to be moved or disassembled, which saves time. This is because dry ice will automatically turn into a vapor, so there is no extra cleanup process. Plus, this is an environmentally friendly cleaning option. These benefits can save your printing business time and money. 

What Else Dry Ice Blasting Can Be Used On

Aside from grippers, dry ice blasting can be used on many different parts of a printer. For instance, it can be on letterpresses, gravure presses, flexography equipment, rollers, drums, gears, ink trays, deck guides, sidewalls, feeders, and delivery units. 

The Benefits of This Type of Cleaning

One of the main benefits of this cleaning method is that it is a non-abrasive process. This means there is less of a chance that your equipment will get damaged during cleaning. Furthermore, there is no secondary waste. In other words, this is an environmentally responsible cleaning method. Lastly, you can use this process in place, so there is less downtime, lower labor costs, and shorter cleaning times. 

Dry ice blasting can be a good way to clean your gripper and other printer parts. It is a good way to protect your equipment, lower costs, shorten cleaning times, and become environmentally friendly.