What is the Use of a Circular Saw

What is the Use of a Circular Saw

The circular saw is an essential piece of equipment for carpenters. If you’re one of them, it can help you get clean, precise cuts through plenty of wood. You only need to set the saw blade to the accurate angle and depth and cut the material over the pre-drawn measurement lines.

A circular saw usually weighs nine to twelve pounds because it comes with the heavy-duty body. Since it’s a robust cutting machine, you should wear safety equipment, like gloves, eye protection when operating it. These accessories will keep you away from severe injuries.

Choosing a high-quality circular saw, or the best circular saw for beginners is not enough if you don’t know what the use of a circular saw is. Alongside a variety of saw brands, you need an overall idea of how a circular saw can be operated.

Familiarize with the Circular Saw 

Although many different brands of circular saws are available on the market, they have some basic design and features. That’s because familiarizing with the saw is necessary. While operating the saw, you need to grip it by both the front and rear handles. If you want to control the movement of the blade, you have to use the trigger on the rear handle.

Wear Safety Equipment

Before you start cutting the material, it’s necessary to take a few pieces of safety equipment, such as a pair of rugged gloves and safety glasses. If you saw for an extended period, you need also keep some ear muffs. Besides, you should tie back your long hair (if you have) so they don’t get caught in the running saw.

Place the Cutting Material Between Two Sawhorses

You have to make sure that the material you’re cutting is appropriately supported on the sawhorses. That’s because you don’t need to worry about the blade digging into your work surface. So, it won’t be better for you to place your material directly on an ordinary table or floor instead of sawhorses.

Ensure Enough Light

If you cannot see the cutting line, it cannot bring any good for you. So before you run the saw, take a few moments to check the lighting. Your circular saw, or even you may create shadows that don’t allow you to see the mark. You can change the position of your work light or reposition the angle of the board. As a result, you can see the line when you’re operating your circular saw.

Watch the Blade, Not the Guides

Every circular saw usually comes with the marks to show where you use the blade to cut. These marks are not easy to follow because they are usually covered with sawdust that throws off the blade. You’ll be able to get better outcomes if you look at the blade and line instead of watching the guide.



Whether your circular saw is corded or cordless, there are some basic techniques when using a circular saw. If you follow them, it will minimize the risk of injury. However, we hope you’ll be doing DIY woodworking with the right circular saw as your requirements.