Quick Remedies For Constipation

Quick Remedies For Constipation

Constipation is a medical problem that is more common in women as compared to men. If this condition is not cured in time, then it can take a severe form and can become cause of various other health problems. To your surprise, the cure to this health problem is just a few steps away from wherever you are sitting in your house. Yes! The cure can be found in your kitchen. There are so many natural ingredients available in the kitchen, which are effective for natural cure for this disease.

Here are some quick yet natural remedies for all you people facing problem in the washrooms.

  1. Sesame seeds:

The use of sesame seeds can be really effective in easing the symptoms of constipation. The composition of this natural ingredient is oil-based so it helps in moisturizing your intestine well. So dryness of stool can be cured like this which can ultimately provide you relief from constipation. You can add these delicious seeds to the bowl of your cereal or salad or can even use as seasoning on the top of your meals.

  1. Molasses:

Molasses is very effective for this treatment. Take blackstrap molasses right before going to bed. It will ease the constipation by the time you will wake up in the morning next day. The reason why blackstrap molasses is recommended, because it is boiled and then concentrated thrice. It contains a lot of mineral, and vitamins, which are very useful in treating constipation naturally.

  1. Fiber rich diet:

If you will eat more fiber, it is going to work as a good cleaner of pipes. Fiber will help in clearing and cleaning the intestine and the entire digestive track. Try to take at least 30grams fiber eery day. if you want to know about the foods, which are rich in fiber, then you must take beans, oatmeal, barley, barn cereals and lots and lots of vegetables and dry fruits. When you are on high fiber diet, then be sure that your water intake is more than usual. In this way, the stool will remain soft and it will be easy to pass out.

  1. Mint/ginger tea:

Mint and ginger are those two natural ingredients which are found in the kitchen of almost every home. Moreover, they both are known to improve digestive system. Mint contains high amount of menthol which antispasmodic in nature. It helps in relaxing all the muscles found in the digestive tract and the system. On the other hand, ginger is a good warmer which keeps the body warm from inside as it helps in generating more heat within your body. According to many herbalists, ginger is very useful in speeding up a weak and slow digestive system. When you will make tea by using these ingredients, then not only they will show up their benefits but the hot water will also help in treating constipation. There is another tea good for this natural remedy and that is called dandelion tea/ it is a very gentle detoxifier.