How To Grow Purple Haze Cannabis Seeds?

Purple Haze cannabis is a sativa dominant hybrid with a THC content of up to 20% and is essentially a cross between Purple Thai and Haze. This robust, resilient strain traces its history back to the 1970s and seemingly originated in Columbia. The purple haze is well-known for the deep color when exposed to extremely low temperatures in the flowering stage. The strain provides its users with a psychedelic high that induces happy and positive emotions and enables the users to shed their inhibitions along with boosting creativity.

So, in this post let’s understand some key tips for growing the very potent purple haze cannabis seeds.

Should I Grow Purple Haze Cannabis Seeds Indoors Or Outdoors?


The purple haze seeds can be grown both indoors and outdoors, but generally Purple Haze produces a higher yields when planted in a sunny, Mediterranean climate. This strain when grown outdoors is usually ready for harvest by the end of October and gives a high return of 14 ounces per plant to the growers.

Alternatively, when grown indoors the strain under certain specific conditions can give a yield of up to 19 ounces of weed per square meter with a short flowering time of just 8-9 weeks.

How To Find The Right Soil For Growing Purple Haze Seeds?

Soil is the top layer of the earth in which purple haze seeds grow, therefore, it is essential to find a blend of soil that enables maximum growth. case of purple haze seeds there is an array of soils such as sand, silt, clay and loam which can be used as a growing medium for cultivating purple haze seeds.

How To Feed The Purple Haze Cannabis Seeds?

In the case of purple haze cannabis seeds, always remember that less feeding is the key during the flowering stage. Therefore, rather than sticking to a feeding schedule for your plant, it is highly recommended to instead check your plant on a regular basis. If the leaves of the plant are green and uniform with no signs of discoloration, spots and curling then probably there is no need to feed the plant.

How To Manage The Grow Lights For Purple Haze Cannabis Seeds?

Lights are an essential part of growing cannabis plants, as plants capture energy from light and utilize it to grow larger buds. In this regard, fluorescent grow lights such as CFLs and T5s are a good option because they are unlikely to overload the plants and when positioned in the right spot provide the maximum benefit to the plant.

How To Ensure Pest Control For Purple Haze Cannabis Plants?

Cannabis growers mostly rely on commercial pesticides. But, it is always a better option to rely on organic solutions such as neem oil instead.

Though neem can taste and smell nasty on the leaves, therefore, it is best to combine it with water before spraying on the leaves.