How To Choose The Best Marijuana Detoxification Shampoo?

How To Choose The Best Marijuana Detoxification Shampoo?

In the US, around 35 million people are regular marijuana users. Over 55 million consumed at least once in the past two years. With numbers like these, it’s clear why so many people are looking for a way out when the testing period comes along. See some stats about this on this link.

Almost all employers ask their workers to take some of the well-known narcotic tests. The hardest one to pass is the follicle one. It’s the hardest because of two reasons.

The first is because this one can uncover weed use in the past 90 days so in a way a lot more people will have to worry about it when the time comes. The second reason is that there’s no way to cheat on it and you take a lot of time and effort to be sure that you’ll get great testing results.

What you have to do is find the best shampoo and wash off the toxins from your hair. When we say toxins, we actually mean the narcotic substances that have been built after the smoking.

When you smoke weed, the ingredients of marijuana travel all around our body. The system through the bloodstreams makes sure it covers every part of our body. The main problem here is that marijuana particles tend to find a home in our body’s fat.

As you may know, we have body fat all over our body. Some of it can even be found in the scalp. And that’s the main problem. When the weed gets inside the scalp it connects with the root of our hair. As it forms and starts to grow, the narcotic substance starts traveling slowly to the surface.

It takes 90 days for the drug to completely dissolve and lose its presence. That’s why the doctors can see you’ve been smoking sometime during the past 3 months.

How to solve this? You need the ultimately best detox shampoo. If you want to learn how to pick the best one, read on and learn which one is it!

Don’t fall for the marketing tricks

On the market, you’ll find a ton of products all claiming to be cleaning toxins. They’re not necessarily lying, but there’s a great difference between detox shampoos made for beauty reasons and the ones that can clean narcotics.

Most detox shampoos that claim to be able to do the right job are not going to do what you need. Technically, they are cleaning toxins, but not all of them. That’s why you need to do proper research before you buy some of them.

Look for review sites and places where people talk about this issue. You’ll find a lot of different opinions. It’s up to you to see which ones are the ones worth trusting. What we can say for sure is that not every product is worth spending money on. So, be careful before you pay someone for a product that might not work at all later. Before you get on, learn more about how marketing works here:

Use only healthy products

Detox shampoos that claim to solve the drug-related problem can be very dangerous for your hair. Those products who use the technique of masking the narcotic substances before the testing are highly damaging it.

They say that the only way to solve this problem is to damage it up to the point where lab practitioners won’t be able to detect any narcotic presence inside. This is not entirely true because we have products who are completely safe, and they still perfectly solve the problem.

Look for propylene glycol

The known shampoos that are completely safe and can be used daily just like regular ones, use an ingredient called propylene glycol. This chemical substance is amazing in its own way. What it does is carefully work with every single hair on your head. It skims the layers of it and gives the water a chance to wash off everything from the inside.

Regular formulas and solutions are unable to do this. Only those using this substance can do such an amazing job. That’s why it’s best if you find a product that contains this kind of thing inside. If you want to learn more about products using this, check out his link –

Don’t save money on a great product

As we said at the beginning, losing your job over this matter can be disastrous for you. Not just your career, you can end your normal life as you know it now. That’s why saving money in moments like these should be the last thing on the list of priorities.

You’ll notice that some products are more than 10 times more expensive than others. That’s because the affordable ones are not going to take care of you as the ones who are more expensive. Everyone knows that great stuff comes with a price and it’s the same here.

If you make a comparison between what you can lose now and how much it will cost you in the means of money, you’ll realize that saving is not an option. Plus, you can buy a cheap product and fail after which you’ll have to buy a more expensive one to clear the damage you made by yourself. Do the right thing and don’t save on this.


Based on everything we said above, it will be really easy for you to find the best shampoo. If you follow the instructions you’ll easily get to a solution.

Remember that buying the shampoo is not the end of the trouble. You need to follow the instructions and wash with it like it’s written on the label. If you do that, you can be sure that you won’t have a problem with passing the test.

Since it’s the most important to come out negative, make sure you don’t make compromises and only buy the best. If you do that, your future will be bright.