Technology Trends Your Dental Practice Needs

Technology Trends Your Dental Practice Needs

Technology has an increasing foothold in all areas of healthcare, including dentistry.  Attracting and keeping the patients needed for a thriving dental practice requires not only knowledge of but action on current trends.  journal of clinical dentistry can help your practice stay up to date with the current research and technology trends. Keep reading for the top technology trends emerging this year.

Implement Cloud-Based Practice Management Software

Improvements in online security has allowed the use of cloud-based software to expand.  Moving your practice management software to the cloud helps streamline reporting, standardize workflows and can even provide a more location flexible practice for employees.  Excellent practice management software can help streamline patient communication and help to grow your practice.

Utilize 3D Printers

Traditional dental molds are becoming old-school technology. Digital scans allow dentists to create more accurate models.  3D printers then use these scans to create state-of-the-art products that increase patient comfort.  Smoother products and improved fit make 3D printers worth the investment. Plus, patients love the quicker turnaround times.

Get Started With Laser Dentistry

Increasingly becoming a standard of care, laser dentistry offers many benefits.  It can reduce recovery time as well as decrease the rate of infections.  Patients receiving laser dentistry are less likely to use anesthesia and may not require sutures.  Advertising laser dental services can help grow your business by attracting new patients.

Engage in Teledentistry

Recent events have introduced social distancing behavior and disrupted previous norms.  Teledentistry services allow for real-time access to critical patient information while providing a safe and user-friendly experience.  Practices that implement teledentistry experience improved patient care delivery and operational efficiency.  As patients become more comfortable with telehealth, Teledentistry will see increased growth and utilization.

The landscape of dentistry is continuously changing.  Staying on top of current trends in dental technology will help your practice maintain and attract patients.