Preventing Childhood Dental Cavities

Preventing Childhood Dental Cavities

Each year in Canada, thousands of kids enter a hospital to have their rotten teeth removed. Probably they get a day or so off school, but counting in threes or learning phonics is like a trip to Disneyworld in comparison with dental surgery. Child teeth deterioration and rots, according to dentists, are preventable. In case your child’s teeth have cavities, seek the right orthodontic treatments from a reliable orthodontist. Here are tips to help keep your kids’ teeth healthy

1. Brush and floss regularly

Well, this sounds obvious but brushing and flossing daily is essential for warding off cavities. Kids should floss before brushing to loosen any food particles that get caught between their small teeth. They should brush at least twice a day.

Morning and evening flossing and brushing ritual may not be fun for your kids, but there are things you can do to make it fun. For instance, you can invent a quirky game or even teach the kids to hum their favorite song while brushing. You can also keep them interested in brushing by changing their fluoride toothpaste flavors frequently or buying them colorful toothbrushes.

2. Don’t ignore mouthwash

Though mouthwash is less commonly used among kids than adults, it’s an excellent oral habit for cavity prevention. Opt for fluoride-containing mouthwash as it provides an added protection after brushing and flossing. It can also kill bacteria throughout the day.

Determining when your children are ready to use mouthwash is tricky. It’s, therefore, recommended to experiment with water first to be sure they can swish and spit without swallowing the mouthwash. When the time is right, provide the kids with a kid-specific mouthwash to keep cavities at bay.

3. Teach them to rinse with water

One of the simplest tips to prevent childhood cavities is by teaching your kids to rinse their mouths with after immediately after meals or drinking something. It will take them two to three seconds to rinse their mouths with water and can help flush out cavity-causing bacteria. Besides, water contains minerals that can strengthen the kid’s teeth.

4. Minimize starch and sugar intake

Cavities form when bacteria use starch and sugar to create acids, which eventually destroy enamel resulting in holes on kids’ teeth. Thus, foods such as cookies, soda, juice, bread, and candy could increase the risk of formation of cavities. This might not be news to you, and you don’t expect your little angels to eliminate candy, cookies, and other similar foods from their diet. But minimizing the number of sugary foods and starch they take could prevent cavities and good for their overall health.

5. Regular dental visits

Regular dental checkups help identify early signs of dental cavities and prevent them. Besides, kids are more likely to learn healthy dental habits from a dentist, and that means they will be able to keep their pearly whites cavity-free even when you’re away.


Encourage your children to eat teeth-friendly foods. Foods high in vitamins, proteins, and calcium can keep the kids’ teeth and gums healthy. Some of these foods include leafy greens, apples, almonds, cheese, celery, yogurt, and carrots.



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