Reasons Why You Need Yoga as an Alternative Cancer Treatment

Reasons Why You Need Yoga as an Alternative Cancer Treatment

Families who faced a battle with the Big C understand how emotional and physically challenging it is.  Every year, more than 1 million individuals are being diagnosed with a cancer condition in US alone.  They will be experiencing emotional trauma, stress that is caused by the disease and the painful treatment process.  Fortunately, there are therapeutic activities such as yoga that a patient can use as an alternative cancer treatment.  Patients can use this as a supplementary medicine for their medical treatment.

Benefits of Yoga as an Alternative Cancer Treatment

Experts believe that the numerous studies regarding yoga have demonstrated its capacity to fight fatigue and enhance the strength of the cancer patient.    This statement is supported by Dr. DiNome of Santa Monica in California.  Here are some of the proven benefits of yoga.


Reduce your Fatigue

According to the study conducted at the University of California and SDSU (San Diego State University), the fatigue that is experienced by the cancer patients has considerably reduced the more sessions they completed on a weekly basis which proves its power as complementary and alternative cancer treatment.  Patients have also linked the reduction in their fatigue to yoga.

Decrease Their Stress

Patients who are battling with this life-threatening condition are dealing with a huge amount of stress every day.  It is not only physically stressful but also emotionally demanding.  Under this aspect, yoga can be an amazing alternative cancer treatment.  Patients will be able to eliminate their stress with the help of yoga.  According to the article by Julienne Bower doing yoga 7 times a week will eliminate the possibility of developing any mood disturbance by as much as 65%.  In addition, a study conducted at the University of Oxford proved that reducing the stress will also improve our appetite, life quality and our body’s response on pain.

Improve our Physical Function

Aside from the stress that you are experiencing, cancer can also affect your mobility.  Spending a prolonged time recuperating at your home or lying at the hospital bed will make your body stiff.  You will find it difficult to complete the different tasks that you normally do.  In order to stay functional and active, yoga is the perfect alternative cancer treatment. Patients claimed that they feel more energetic after few weeks of practicing yoga.  In a clinical trial published by Bio Med Central (BMC) Cancer, yoga can improve the functions of the body of the cancer survivors and patients.

Get a Good Night Sleep

With the mental, emotional and physical stress that you are experiencing, getting a decent sleep can be a struggle.  Remember that our body needs to sleep in order to start the healing process of the tissue.  In case you are experiencing insomnia, yoga can be used as a complementary cancer treatment. Patients will be able to sleep soundly at night.  A study published at the National Institutes of Health proved that doing yoga can improve the quality of our sleep.

Those who are unfamiliar with yoga should ask their doctor about its effectiveness as an alternative cancer treatment. Health centers dedicated for cancer patients, such as Cancer Treatment Mexico ( are now offering different wellness and holistic programs such as yoga.