Prevention of Hair loss – While on Steroids

Prevention of Hair loss – While on Steroids

Today’s generation seems to be so obsessed with their looks that you will see them, taking selfies every now and then. In order to achieve a toned physique, these image-obsessed men and women start depending on anabolic steroids.While running after their dreams they tend to ignore the harmful side effects these steroids can cause. But then, they suddenly become cautious when the side effect is cosmetic, i.e. when their hairline starts receding as a cause of androgenic alopecia. It is the medical term used for early baldness due to the use of steroids in both men and women. It is then when they start looking out for options where they can safely continue the usage of steroids.

Few safe steroids

The fact remains true that one steroid that causes loss of hair in one individual may not have the same effect on the other. But there are certain that are considered least harmful for hair. Some of the best steroids to avoid hair loss are:

  • Anavar- It is one of the least androgenic steroidsthat does not get converted to DHT or estrogen when taken in low doses. But if the dose is increased above 100mg, it can also cause hair loss.
  • Deca-Durabolin–This steroid is considered quite safe in terms of hair loss. Instead of converting into DHT, it gets converted to DHN which is less potent. Though it is recommended that a testosterone based steroid should be taken with Deca to minimize the side effects, but it can have a negative impact on hair.
  • Oral Turinabol- It is normally claimed that the androgenic rating of oral Turinabolis zero, which theoretically indicates that it doesn’tcause hair loss at all. But similarly like Anavar, if taken in high doses it can cause hair loss. But in general, it is it can be considered as a safe steroid.

How to check the hair loss

One of the tested ways to reduce hair loss is by usage of DHT inhibitors that is known to reduce the level of DHT level in your body. But one thing you should keep in mind is, DHT is not the only factor that causes hair loss. Basically, it is a series of complex hormones and enzymes that together creates a high androgenic environment. Some of the anabolic steroids you should stay away from areAnadrol, Dianabol and Trenbolone. They are known to cause premature baldness. This is one of the prime reasons why bodybuilders nowadays seek out for steroid alternatives that work as the steroids but do not cause any side effects.

Is it a reversible act

If you eliminate the dosage of anabolic drugs from your regime, then there are chances of regrowth of your hair. But this entirely depends on your genetic structure. But some steroids like Winstrol and Tren are such high in their androgenic effects, that it only accelerates the problem. So, instead of trying to reverse the act, it is always recommended that you go for the best steroids to avoid hair loss.