Pregnancy Symptoms : Early Signs of Pregnancy

Are you looking for symptoms of early pregnancy, or curious to know whether you are pregnant or not. Then you will be glad to know that there are many symptoms in beginning of pregnancy which tells you about your pregnancy surety, without any test, that’s true that proper medical test is also necessary, but your body and mind tells you first about that, every female is different, so the pregnancy symptoms are also different for every women, but some of are the sure symptoms which proves that your are pregnant, and announce your pregnancy to your family members, some major symptoms are:

  1. Weight gain during Pregnancy

Early pregnancy causes weight gain in your body, in first trimester you will feel by yourself gaining weight about 1-4 pounds, you can see pregnancy weight gain effect your breasts, uterus, placenta, amniotic fluid etc. it is because your body becoming ready for new born needs, and also you need much calories for development of fetus, you can also feel the breast color changes and turns into dark color, it is also because lactic acid, and all are common symptoms of pregnancy.

  1. Headache and Back Pain

Many of women feel headache and back pain, during pregnancy, if you are healthy women, and feeling like pain or heaviness on your back, then it could be the pregnancy symptom, for relief light exercise will be better for you, but it should be light, for that you can also take advice of your doctor, but actually it is normal during pregnancy.

  1. Heart burn

Increasing of hormone level can allows abdomen to release acid, which causes heartburn. Or sometimes acidic food can cause heartburn trouble. So for pregnant women it would be better to eat in small shifts, instead of eating in one time, also do some walking that food can digest properly, and drink lot of water in a day approximately 8-10 glasses in single day, can prevent you from heart burn.

  1. Glow and Acne on face

You can hear many compliments from people that your face is glowing. In early pregnancy when hormone level gets higher, and blood flow also rises up, the result comes out the glow on your face, as glossy looks with body natural oil but it don’t happen with every pregnant women, some women can also feel acne or black marks on her face. After delivery they all got vanished so need not much worry about that.

  1. Itching and swelling

Many of women complains about itching and swelling in several body parts, like swelling on foots, and itching on whole body, sometimes it become very frustrated situation, because no anti-itching cream would be effective for that, if you are feeling much trouble then can consult your doctor, for swelling you can do oil message on foots, or soak your foots into warm water for 10 to 15 minutes, this will give you much relief.

For proper confirmation of pregnancy doctor consultation and medical test is important, but these pregnancy symptoms can be also helpful as well.