Making Oral Surgery Easier

Making Oral Surgery Easier

When you find out that you need any kind of oral surgery, you might feel nervous about the procedure. If you prepare for the surgery and have the items that you need at home to make your recovery as comfortable as possible, then it can help to relieve some of the anxiety that you feel. An important thing to keep in mind is that oral surgery will remove any infection that is present from an abscessed tooth and will remove the teeth in the mouth that are causing you any kind of pain.

Stay informed about your procedure. Ask the surgeon questions that you might have about why the procedure is being performed and what to expect as a result of the surgery. You should ask about things that you need to avoid eating right after you get home. Find someone who can take you home on the day of the surgery and who can stay with you for the first few hours after you get home. If there isn’t anyone who can take you home, then consider rescheduling or using public transportation.

Stock up on foods that you can eat after your surgery. You should eat soft foods during the first few days, such as pudding, yogurt, and Jell-O. Avoid drinking out of a straw after oral surgery. Take your medications as prescribed to prevent pain and an infection from developing in the mouth. You probably won’t be able to eat anything the night before your surgery or for a few hours before surgery depending on what kind of sedation the surgeon will use. Make sure you drink plenty of water the day before the procedure so that you’re hydrated.

Wear comfortable clothing on the day of the surgery. When you visit your dentist in Wheeling IL who will perform the surgery, you’ll probably be given a bag for your belongings or a small box if you have dentures. If possible, wear short sleeves so that it’s easier to take your vital signs and to place an IV. Arrive a few minutes early so that you can relax before the surgery and ask any final questions you might have.