Livpure Smart – Enjoy safe & healthy drinking water by renting ‘best water purifiers’ from Livpure

Livpure Smart – Enjoy safe & healthy drinking water by renting ‘best water purifiers’ from Livpure

Life is changing at a fast pace and technological advancements are one of the major factors that is influencing this change. Though a lot of things are moving in the positive direction (e.g. industrialization & globalization) which have resulted in the creation of jobs and providing employment, it has impacted natural resources like air, water, energy, etc. in a somewhat negative manner.

Take the case of water – Many years back, tap water was considered safe to consume, but now water coming from natural resources have impurities. Consuming impure water can result in infection and you might become a victim of water-borne diseases like Dysentery, Cholera, Typhoid, etc. Hence, you have to make sure that you & your family members are drinking purified water; preferably from RO water purifier or UV water purifier. Many years back, water purifiers were considered a luxury but with changing times, they have become a necessity.

You can opt to use the cheapest water purifier if the water that you receive from the tap has fewer amounts of impurities and the PH (Potential of Hydrogen) is within acceptable limits. RO water purifiers use the Reverse Osmosis purification technology where the water is purified by passing it through a semi-permeable membrane. RO water purifiers from a reputed brand like LivePure have 6~7 stage water filtration technology which ensures that output water is free from all kinds of virus, bacteria, and harmful chemicals. These water purifiers do not modify the basic taste of water and hence you enjoy safe drinking water without any hassles. Some RO water purifiers are also equipped with UV (Ultra Violet), UF (Ultra Filtration) techniques which further purify the water. The UV water purifier uses Ultra Violet rays to purify water.

Livpure is a well-known brand and based on the market research, it was seen that there are many people in India who shift cities on a frequent basis and required water purifier on a temporary basis i.e. they did not want to purchase the purifier. They always looked for water purifier lowest price and Livpure came up with a very innovative business model for this changing customer-segment. These mobile customers can opt for Livpure Water purifier that suits their budget & requirements, the only catch is they pay-per-use. The main advantage of not owning the water purifier i.e. renting it is that you do not have to pay any upfront costs. You do not have to pay for the annual maintenance as the company is responsible for doing the same. In a nutshell, as a consumer; you should never be worried about RO water purifier price in India.

This model is suited for people who are staying in a particular city for a few months/years or who do want to bear the cost of maintenance but still want the pleasure of consuming purified water. You can buy LivPure Smart Water purifier where you pay budget Rs. 1.2 for 542 liters per month and there is Zero buying cost & zero maintenance cost. You get guaranteed purified water as wellJ. Compare the same with Water Jars and RO Purifiers (when purchased):

  • Water Jars – Cost per liter is Rs. 2~4. Zero buying cost. Zero maintenance cost. The water quality is monitored only at filling stations.
  • Established RO water purifiers – Cost per liter is Rs. 2~2.4. Buying cost is Rs. 15,000~35,000. Annual maintenance cost is Rs. 4,000~5,000. This plan is perfectly suited for families.

Consumers can select from different subscription plans where you pay less, as you drink more. There is a Silver Plan, Gold Plan, Platinum Plan, and Titanium Plan. More details about the plans & pricing are listed on the Livpure Smart website. You may have a lingering question – How do you monitor the amount of water being consumed by you (or dispensed by the water purifier)? In order to monitor the water outflow, Livpure purifiers offered under Livpure Smart are backed by the innovative HEKA technology. These purifiers are IoT (Internet of Things) and you can monitor all the vital details about the water & purifier using the Livpure Smart app which you download on your smartphone.

Consumers can leverage the Livpure Smart purifiers since they can save money and also enjoy purified & healthy drinking water. If you are someone who is ‘on the move’ or love companies that use ‘on-demand business model’ to make lives simpler; then you should definitely give Livpure Smart a spin…