Is There Any Relationship of Cannabis and Migraines?

Is There Any Relationship of Cannabis and Migraines?

Marijuana or cannabis is famous for a plant making euphoria or happy. It is caused that one of the contents is THC or tetrahydrocannabinol being a type of psychoactive substance. Cannabis and migraines are interestingly discussed to get its close relationship. Migraine and chronic headache patients claim that it reduces significantly after taking a treatment using a marijuana or cannabis. The scientists have revealed that a migraine treatment using marijuana is able to reduce headache frequency in a month. Is it true?

What Is Cannabis?

Before revealing the secret of cannabis and migraines, it is better to introduce cannabis. Cannabis is famously called to be marijuana being a plant producing fibers. It is popular due to its seed containing tetrahydrocannabinol or thc. It is a kind of narcotics substance making consumers having euphoria, a happiness without reasons. It can grow 2 meter high and finger leaves. The marijuana is only growing in tropical mountain. There are three types of cannabis such as cannabis sativa, cannabis ruderalis, and cannabis indica. Those cannabis types have different thc contents. Cannabis indica contains much THC and the lowest one is cannabis ruderalis.

Effects of Consuming Cannabis

The consumption of cannabis or marijuana in some countries is legalled. But, some countries prohibit it. It is caused that there are some effects of consuming cannabis. The eyeball can be reddish due to the dilation of capillary blood vessels. It may make dried mouth due to THC disturbing autonomic nerve system controlling sativa gland. Marijuana is psychologically causing a dangerous effect such as an anxiety for 10 to 30 minutes, pressure feeling, fear of dying, hyperactive, and worries. Marijuana consumers will have hallucination, much happiness, suspicious, sleepy, and synesthesia. After consuming marijuana, you can go to sleep. To see more effects of marijuana, you can see at MMJ Herb.

Is It True That Cannabis and Migraines Have a Mutual Benefit?

Marijuana or cannabis has a potential benefit and risks as well. It is important for the people to realize that consuming cannabis in medical action can cause side effect. A new study treating 121 migraine patients with marijuana and 103 have reported that there is a reduction of migraines every month. The scientists reveal that a migraine treatment using marijuana is able to decrease a headache frequency within a month. For example, if your migraine is at 10 level in a month, it can reach 6 level per a month. It is the first study using marijuana in a medical activity directly to alleviate migraine frequency.

There is a substantial increase for patients to their ability feeling good. The scientists note that inhaling marijuana is the most favorite way to cure acute migraine. Meanwhile, when you consume marijuana, it needs longer time in order to react to patient body. Most of the patients report that there is a significant reduction every month for migraines. It is not known how migraine or cannabis can reduce migraine. But, the scientists said that cannabinoid receptor found in the body including brain, immune system, and connective tissue seem to have a receptor having anti – inflammation feature and painkiller. Cannabinoid is also influencing same neurotransmitter like serotonin and dopamine. You can convince it by reading explanation at MMJ Herb being a reference about marijuana and migraine.

It is believed that serotonin taking a role at migraine and headache. But, the scientists keep trying to find the right role from cannoninoid in this condition. It is claimed to be an amazingly awesome finding. But, it needs to study further to prove it. In addition, this study is difficulty conducted because of anti – narcotics law and rules of federal states in United States and some countries in the world prohibiting and banning the spreading of cannabis.

Cannabis treatment seems to be a new alternative in helping migraine patients and reducing headache. It is regarded to release the pain due to migraines and headache so that it is able to minimize migraine frequency. Is it effectively working? Based on the research, there is a strong relationship of cannabis and migraines through a research finding. It is curing migraine significantly if it is consumed at the right time and dosage. Thus, you have to discuss a lot to doctors if you want to consume it for migraine killer.