How Alcohol Affects your Sexual Function

The bulk of people drink alcohol from time to time. Having a bottle of beer or a glass of good wine does no harm to human health. However, big amounts of alcohol may play a bad trick on the men’s intimate life. Various sexual dysfunctions may result from boozing. Fortunately, there are numerous medications, which can help men cope with the troubles. You may visit to read more about such remedies.
How much alcohol is safe?
Lots of people know about the positive influence of alcohol on the cardiovascular system. Nevertheless, they shouldn’t forget about the quantity of the beverages they drink because it may be good for you only in moderate amounts. A drink or two a day is an optimal dose of alcohol a healthy adult may have without any risks for the health.
Alcohol and troubles in bed
Small amounts of alcohol may improve the mood and make you more relaxed thus making it easier to have sex. However, alcoholic drinks may induce an opposite effect, for example, make you moody, tired, sleepy and apathetic or vice versa aggressive.
Being drunk men may face with temporary erectile dysfunction, which commonly disappears after they get sober. In addition, males may also have troubles with reaching the climax and ejaculation. Alcohol working as a nervous system depressant interferes with the normal sensitivity of the nerve endings situated in the penis. Hence, men may not feel the stimulation adequate enough for reaching an orgasm.
On the contrary, alcohol may be the reason for premature ejaculation. Yet there’s a still worse thing that may happen because of binge drinking, and it’s a permanent erectile dysfunction. However, you may cope with it if you order generic Viagra online.
What is the connection between ED and alcohol?
A strong and durable erection is possible only when the male organ is filled with the needed amount of blood. Alcohol affects the supply of blood to the penile area by worsening it. As a result, men have difficulties with making the penis erected.
Besides, regular consumption of large doses of alcohol may harm the inner lining of the arteries. Consequently, it will make the development of atherosclerosis much easier. Over time, the ailment may reduce the flow of blood to the pelvic organs and provoke erectile dysfunction.
In addition, intake of alcohol may be the cause of dehydration. Lack of liquid in the body doesn’t let a man reach an adequate erection to perform well in bed.