Healthy snack variations that may be little

Healthy snack variations that may be little

snack or snack is often claimed as one source of health problems such as diabetes and obesity. selling variations of snacks such as cake or cookies with grain raw materials will certainly add value to products so as not to ‘comply’ customers. Please try Healthy snacks variant.

grains that can be used as cooking ingredients include grains such as rice and wheat, nuts such as almonds, cashews, walnuts, hazelnuts and beans such as red beans, nuts green, and soybeans.

wheat is known to contain lots of fiber so good to prevent obesity while maintaining heart health. the majority of pastry and cake has been using raw materials from wheat flour. however, other materials that contain lots of sugar is still a threat to the body.

in order to provide more health benefits, add more grains than wheat. like legumes and legumes that have high vegetable fat content and is a good source of vitamins and minerals for the body, because it contains fiber that can increase the body’s absorption of glucose to the process of entry of sugar into blood cells slowed. thus, the level of sugar in the blood can be suppressed.

to maximize the benefits of wheat, some bakery producers are already using whole wheat flour or whole wheat flour. when whole grains are ground, part of the epidermis is carried away and mixed in the flour.

as a result, whole wheat flour is not pure white, but rather brownish and more violent. however, the health benefits more because the epidermis of wheat was rich in fiber, minerals, and b vitamins.

We can also use whole wheat flour as a substitute for flour to make pastry or cake products. if you want a little more different, use fruit sugar or diabetic sugar as a natural sweetener sugar substitute, for example, to make brownies, cakes, and cookies specifically diabetics. although not common, whole wheat alloy and fruit sugar will make your brownies, cakes, and cookies more characteristic and certainly healthier. equally important, there is product differentiation and added value that can be offered to customers.

later, flour from almonds that produce gluten-free products is also increasingly popular as a substitute for wheat flour. almonds contain natural fats and reduce gluten in pastry products to make muffin and cake softer. way, by replacing as much as 25% wheat flour in the dough with almond flour.

in addition to flour, the easiest to apply almonds and other types of nuts are to make it as a topping or the contents of pastry or cake products. slice almonds, hazelnuts or crush other beans and sprinkle on top of the tartlets, brownies, cookies, macaroon or cake the sells.

talk of healthy food, do not forget the fruits that have long been one of the tastes in pastry and cake products. dried fruits such as dates, apples, strawberries, blueberries, cranberries, plums, and apricots include fiber-rich foods. although already widely used, We can still apply it to products that are sold because many consumers demand.

from the above discussion, so many variants of healthy food ingredients that can be used. so, do not hesitate to use it in the products sold. dare to improvise and steady to declare them as a specialist of healthy pastry and cake.