Healthy Habits That You Can Teach Your Children From An Early Age

Healthy Habits That You Can Teach Your Children From An Early Age

As parents it is our job to teach our children the best habits possible as they model much of their behavior off of ours. Certain habits will follow your child throughout their life like that of diet. Many people that eat in an unhealthy manner growing up do not change this habit due to lack of knowledge or simply because it is always the way that they have eaten. Taking a proactive approach when teaching your children is essential as allowing your child to decide at times is not the best option. The following are healthy habits that you can teach your children from an early age.

Eating a Healthy Diet

Many people grew up eating an unhealthy diet due to their parents lack of knowledge about nutrition. Combine that with the fact that healthier options are more expensive than frozen pizzas makes eating healthy a bit more difficult than it should be. Teaching your children about a balanced diet is important as they need to fuel themselves with the right types of food. Do not keep soda in the home as these are empty calories and caffeine in an already hyper child could end up being a nightmare for you as a parent. Take the time to explain to your child why a certain food is healthier than another. These types of lessons will linger in your child’s mind for years if you explain it in an interesting way.

Dental Hygiene

Seeing an exceptional dentist a few times a year like that ones at is important. The dentist can stress brushing on  a daily basis but you are the one who has to enforce it. Putting a timer on how long your child brushes their teeth can be wise as many kids try to brush for 15 seconds then go on to the next thing they are doing. Getting your child into the habit of brushing after each meal can help reduce the likelihood of cavities which in turn can save you money!

Being Active Instead of Sitting In Front of TV/Computer

If you simply sit in front of the TV when you have free time your child is going to think this is the norm for everyone. Get up and go play a sport with your child or take a bike ride as a family. Make a point of being as active as possible as there is always plenty of time to relax later. If you go to the gym daily your child is going to think this is what they should do. When your child becomes a teenager you can attend the gym together which can be a great bonding experience.

Regular Sleep Routine

Letting your child stay up late on the weekend is fine but they should have a regular bedtime during the week. Getting into the same routine whether it is them taking a bath or shower before bed is important. Getting the appropriate amount of sleep is imperative for younger children that are still growing. If you and your spouse tend to be loud getting some kind of noise machine for your child’s room will be wise. This is a tip that you should institute into your routine as well as you will find yourself to be much more productive when you get the right amount of sleep.

Your children model their behavior off of you so make sure you are living as healthy as you can!