Does the legalization of cannabis in the states lead to increased use?

After the 1900s, marijuana was banned and was considered as the most illicit drug available however before that it was easily accessible and widely consumed by medical experts to treat different symptoms and medical condition. The certain ban triggers its illegal consumption and according to reports more than half of the adults around the globe have reported trying it once in their lives and according to the poll around 14% of the adults use it regularly and nearly as many as currently smoking cigarettes.

The important thing to understand is that marijuana was very easily available and accessible to common people in most of the states even before legalization. People living in these states earlier had easy access to smoking pot without the fear of government or laws. People easily used to smoke in parks and festivals without anyone batting an eye on them and therefore with legalization no such activities have been considered which will support or proof increased uses.

In some of the state’s legalization of marijuana has been only for the medical use and some of them have completely legalized the consumption of cannabis for recreational use as well. The regular consumers now argue that legalization has brought increased observation use and therefore it has no become more difficult to smoke weed in parks or other public spaces.

For many people, the legalization has brought more of an inconvenience than meeting up with a local dealer. As they need to wait for hours in the line before being allowed to make the purchase as the legal supply has increased demand for cannabis in the medical industry.

When it comes to use by young people, several recent reports have found that in the majority of states where medical marijuana uses have been approved the teenager’s consumption has actually decreased. Experts believe the decreased number is due to diminished forbidden fruit effect and decreased access to marijuana as it moves from the unregulated street and there are no age requirements to inside licensed dispensaries. However, the legal age of smoking weed is restricted to 21 years in most of the states.

Considering the effect of legalization on teens, a study report has found that no increment in the usage ratio has been found since the legalization. The national institutes on drug abuse annual monitoring measure the drug use and related attitude among the teenage and the ratio have been the lowest over the last 20 years with most of the parameters.

However, the legalization has brought some positive changes in the opening of the market for new and innovative businesses to improve the marijuana industry. Moreover, people are now able to purchase tested and labeled marijuana and derivative products from the store, as they are provided with the option to choose which strain they wish to buy and can also see the chemical breakdown of exactly what is in the strain is astounding.

New technology startups are being established which support growers, packaging and more to provide the best quality and high potency of marijuana. Legalization has undoubtedly increased the sophistication level surrounding the marijuana industry. is one of the well known and well established online stores which provide quality cannabis product and related accessories to people of Canada.