Can A Person Conduct STD Tests At Home?

Can A Person Conduct STD Tests At Home?

Can one prevent himself from nasty STDs? One can be protected by indulging in safe sex. But no matter how safe your sexual life is, you cannot always guarantee that you will never develop an STD. But these days one can check from home if you have the disease or not.

Is STD Testing Embarrassing?

An STD test could be embarrassing for a person as an adverse affect, despite of the advances in medical sciences. The patient gets horrified by the humiliation that the testing may bring. Many of the patients also go for a medical assistance when the things have become too serious. These days the test can be conducted at home that could save the patient of getting dejected by the others. With the STD test home kit, one can easily get rid of the scare of developing the disease.

What Are The Options Of STD Home Testing?

These days the test can be successfully conducted from home with the much reliable methods. Testing kits are available for the viral diseases like aids, hepatitis B and also herpes. Tests are also available for various bacterial infections like syphilis, gonorrhea and Chlamydia infection. The patient has just to pick up the test kit from a home store or an online store.

The test kit may require the blood or urine sample. Some tests also require swabs of the mouth and also other affected areas. Thus a home test can be done in the home premises without the requirement of a medical expert. One just has to wait from a few minutes to a few days, depending on the home testing. Sometimes the samples need to be sent to a nearby laboratory. The tests have varied pricing, depending on the test. The commercial tests kits come for a reasonable price and are quite effective.

Which Are The Other HIV Testing Options?

The HIV symptoms do not show for several years that could make the patient prone to other illnesses like cold and flu. There are various other HIV testing options like:

  • HIV 4th Generation Antigen Test

This type of test screens for the antibodies to the HIV virus. It also takes place from the p24 antigen to the concerned virus. In the sero conversion or even the window period, there is a high chance that the antibodies can get detected within the sample. This is done in a period of 3-12 weeks or 2-6 weeks for the p24 antigens from the patient’s blood samples.

  • HIV RNA Early Detection Test

This test detects the immunodeficiency virus’s genetic sample called ribonucleic acid. The blood test detects the presence of the very early HIV type 1 as it can detect the viruses RNA at an early period of 9-11 days exposure.


Retesting To Know If The HIV Disease Is There Or Not

Different individuals are made of different immune system and hence the chances of getting detected with the disease may be different in each individual. An ideal way is to get tested at an interval of 3 months. To confirm the initial test result, you can go for the test after 3 months again. The antibodies, antigens as well as RNA should all be detected from a blood sample in the required time frame.

Are The Home Test Kits Accurate?

Test kits of STD disease for home usage have the same quality as the ones seen in a medical center. But these home test kits have to be FDA approved. These products are for our own welfare as it takes out the doubt of having the aids ailment. Consult the FDA website prior to purchasing a home STD test kit. The FDA approved test kit for various tests has a high accuracy rate. But these highly accurate kits are not completely perfect. It is a noteworthy factor in clinical history to provide accurate results.

Thus, whenever a person feels that there is something wrong down there, he can go for a home test kit option. Sometimes this is better than an STD test in a home clinic where the patient has to pursue a number of processes and sometimes even get inaccurate results. One has to just be smart enough to purchase an FDA approved home kit.  Such a life consuming disease requires a good testing option, the correct diagnosis and the right treatment.