Ayurvedic remedies that will treat your itchy eyes

Ayurvedic remedies that will treat your itchy eyes

Eye allergy is a very common type of allergy which shows symptoms like redness of the eyes, itching in the eyes; it gives a burning sensation and you will also notice your eyes frequently watering just like when you shed tears. There are a lot of treatments for it in the market and one of that is Ayurvedic treatment. Ayurvedic remedies for eyes allergy is considered the best out of all the treatments as Ayurveda implies a holistic and chemical free approach using all the natural ingredients and ways that de-roots the problem from the body.

Try some of these herbal remedies at home for you to get rid of the eye allergy

Saline Solution

If you wish to fight against allergic conjunctivitis then you can wash your eyes with the home made solution. Take a mixture of salt and water. Use the mixture as an eye wash. Always make sure to never use the hot salt water solution as it will cause you more trouble.

Rose Water

Because of its anti-inflammatory and soothing properties it will help solving the problem of severe eye allergies. Use rose water that is prepared at home over the one available in the market as it has a lot chemicals used in it which will worsen the problem. Take cotton which is sterilized and dip it in the home made rose water and put it over the eyes this will help give you a relaxed feeling and soothing relief to your eyes.

Aloe Vera Gel

Due to the presence of two compounds namely amodin and aloin; aloe vera has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties in it. The wonderful properties make it a great remedy for treating the allergy in the eyes. How it helps? It aims at reducing the symptoms of inflammation and therefore this is how the healing process speeds up. When you start noticing the symptoms at that time start using this gel of aloe vera over around your eyes. Leave for a while and let the feeling of relaxation seep in.


It is blessed with the power of healing any bruises, inflammation, wounds all you need is the right recipe to use it. Its anti-bacterial properties prevent the infection in the eyes. You need to soak in ball of cotton in the bowl which has the mixture of turmeric and water. Now, squeeze of the excess and then put the cotton ball soaked in the mixture over your eyes. This will help treat allergic conjunctivitis.

Chamomile Tea

Use it for cold compressing the eyes or use it as eyewash. It will help relieve you from the itchiness in the eyes and it will provide great relief from the swelling too.

How to use it for treating the infection in the eyes?

You need chamomile tea bags for this. After when you have used the chamomile tea bags but them in a refrigerator, on cooling use it for cold compressing. Use the refrigerated teabags atleast 4 times daily.

Witch hazel or Hamamelis

It possesses a lot of anti-inflammatory properties that help in alleviating the problem of inflammation in the eyes and itchiness. Do what you have been doing for cold compression. Used the soaked cotton pads in the witch hazel and place it over your eyelids for over 15 minutes.

Did you know that the deficiency of some vital vitamins can also worsen the problem of allergy in the eyes?

For the proper functioning of the eyes eat vitamin A, E and C. If you are suffering from the problem of itchy eyes then there might be chances that you have vitamin A deficiency.

Vitamin C and E are required for maintaining the overall good health of your eyes and in taking proper vitamins will also help in reversing the eye infections, if there are any.

You can enjoy the desired amounts of vitamins by consuming green leafy vegetables, citrus fruits, kale, turnips, cheese, mangoes, carrots etc.

Some tips with which you can prevent allergy from reoccurring:

  • Hydration is the key! Always make it a point to drink plenty of water.
  • If there is even slight irritation in your eyes, never rub your eyes.
  • Splash your eyes with cold water every now and then so that nothing clings to your eyes for and gets washed away easily.

Essential Oil like that of lavender is very helpful when it comes to treating your eyes. You need a few drops of the lavender oil and about 1 teaspoon of coconut oil. Mix them all together and apply the mixture over and around the eyes.

Leave the mixture for about 20 minutes and later on wash it off with water.

Another essential oil that has been proven to be useful is tea tree oil. This oil is used for getting immediate relief from the microbial infections. Use it in the same way you would use the lavender oil.

Take 3 to 4 drops of the essential oil and mix it with 1 teaspoon of coconut oil. Leave the mixture over the eyelids and around the eyes. Keep it for 20 minutes and then rinse it off.

Ayurvedic remedies for eyes allergy work best on anyone; all you need is a little patience and allow the magical remedies to take a little time to heal you.