Total Awareness in Consuming Stanozolol

Total Awareness in Consuming Stanozolol

One of the known high anabolic androgenic is known as Stanozolol which can be taken orally. With the use of this steroid, it could result to raise the level of the production of protein.  This drug might also cause aromatization in estrogen, water retention, and gynecomastia.  Men are more prone to this kind of side effects.  Stanozolol pills can be in two different forms, it is either in liquid or oral tablet form. However, the ultimate oral stanozolol pills are considered as the most effective steroid for gaining weight. On the other hand, using this drug receives an approval for achieving a slow gain of weight for lean muscles. Some consumers prefer this type of steroids because it does really work well.

Proper Dosage of Stanozolol

Athletes consider this drug as a pre-event therapeutic since it helps the muscle to look more toned and lean. The correct dosage of these pills is 50 to 100mcg to be taken for 2 to 3 days and athletes were amazed at the result that they had received. Consuming stanozolol in tablet forms can take 10 to 20mg a day and while for the injectable form it needs ¼ to ½ ml a day. For beginners and older consumers, they can produce an effective result by stacking it in 50mg in the next few day together with Primobolan which can be taken 50 to 100mg in every two to three days. Numerous men declare that they gain more strength and mass by consuming 50mg of oral stanozolol and 100mg of testosterone suspension. While for women, they use this drug by mixing it with another steroid either oxandrolone or Durabolin with a dosage of 50 to 100mg and achieved an outstanding result.

Oral Injection vs. Stanozolol

According to some athletes, the use of these steroids runs along history and the reason why players made some statement to prove that stanozolol really works well. Just like Mr. Ben Johnson who tried to use it and proved a positive result where he won a gold medal at the Seoul Olympic in the year 1998. The injection form of stanozolol is called Winstrol and the oral form of this steroid performs less result rather than using the injection form but it normally depends on the dose that every athlete consume. Bodybuilders and athletes prefer to take the oral form with less dosage prior to the use of the 25 tablets which is known to be the maximum dose.

Take Proper Cautions

Stanozolol does not only produce strong side effects but it also gives a less negative reaction. But whatever form a player will take, is it the injectable form or the oral form can still be prone to liver damage. This is because of the alpha alkylation that avoids the compound from being deprived when it reaches the connection of the liver. However, the toxicity of the liver which is being produced by this drug is quite minimal rather than the dose of any other type of steroids. Nevertheless, the oral form of this steroid should not be consumed with the higher dose of 50mg every day and always remember that it must take only for less than 6 weeks straight.

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