Tips to Keep your Dog’s Paws Healthy

The dog’s foot is made up of metacarpal or palmar pad. There is a total of four digital pads in their limbs. Their food is made of tough and rough skin layer having fat that sustains their body load and protects their foot from injuries or other ground related issues.

The tough layer of skin is also helpful to add more like a cushion for them to walk smoothly on any earth surface. They also benefit them with a protective layer from high/low floor temperature protecting their body from temperature related hazardous. Collectively, their paws are more like a boon that delivers a wide range of benefits. So, it’s essential to care for their paws.

But How?

Here are the tips to keep their paws healthy:

Trim Nails:

The dog’s foot is such made that their nails never touch the ground. But in case you hear the tick-tick sound while walking, it’s a clear sign of long nails. Long nails create sound when they touch the ground. But apart from creating the sound, it causes pain to the dog. So, you should regularly trim their nails. It’s important to trip them with complete precaution. Before this, you should even ask a vet doctor.

Trim Paw Hair:

Hair on your dog grows gradually. And being one of the body parts, the hairs between their paws too increase that collects the dust/dirt and make clumsy. This too starts causing problems to your pet. In many cases, any minor cut/injury to such places are neglected that becomes severe later. So, you should always trim those hairs and groom them regularly.

Clean the Paws:

Alike other body parts, paws too need frequent cleaning. Being at the bottom, they are mostly neglected that can leave many problems unattended. The paws should be cleaned properly so that anything stuck within their digital pads doesn’t harm their body and are easily removed. Sometimes a small glass piece might stick in their pads causing repetitive harm and creating bigger injury.

Regular Medication:

Regular medication is always helpful for your dog. There are cases when you aren’t aware of the problems with your dog. But regular medication helps them to stay safe from such health hazards. Canada Drugs stores have a wide range of medicines that you need to care for your pet. However, medical assistance is highly recommended.

Massage Their Pads:

With the passage of time, the metacarpal pads of your dog gets dry and become stiff. In such a case, it’s important to moisturise them and keep them nourished against excessive heat. There are many moisturizing pads available in the market, especially for dogs. You can choose the one that you find suitable for them. Your vet doctor can better help you find the right moisturising pad.

So, these are the ways that will help you keep their paws healthy and let your dog enjoy their life to the fullest. However, it’s equally important to heed on the behavioural changes in your dog as it is the only way to diagnose any health issue with them.

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