These cardio exercises should be must in your workout routine

A lot of people do not know this but one of the greatest forms of exercise is cardio and it keeps your body in a perfect shape if you do it regularly and it is great for weight loss as well, for that you might need to do for more tie and an intense workout but it definitely works. So, if you are new at this and you do not know much about exercise and all then these are the few cardio workouts at gym which you should definitely add in your daily workout session if you want to stay fit, have a look;

  • Elliptical:

You will find this workout machine in almost every gym because that is how important it is in cardio. One should use this machine for around 20 minutes and not more than that because it comes under an intense workout machine, so overdoing it will not be good for you. This workout machine burns out more calories in less time and that is why it is intense, now after Elliptical your next exercise should be a bit lighter one so that it keeps you motivated and you do not get tired easily.

  • Treadmill:

Even this machine is a really common one and is found in almost every gym. The best thing about this machine is that you can control its speed and incline and everything, so it basically depends on you if you want in intense workout or a normal one. I would suggest you to manage it according to your exercises, if you just had an intense workout before treadmill then go slowly and if not then you can higher your speed.

  • Stationary bike:

A lot of people think that treadmill and stationary bike is almost the same thing so they do one and skip the other one, but that is not how it should be, both of them works way too differently on your body. Stationary bike will be great for your arms and thighs and treadmill is great for your whole body, if you want your arms and thighs to be in shape then you should definitely do this for about an hour or so.

So, these are the few cardio exercises which should be must on your daily routine and if you want to know more about anything then you can visit this website, which is;

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