Let’s face it, the daily mistreat of your hair from our own hair care routine in crucial. Not many have found out what they should avoid and which ingredients help and protect your hair. The treatment and styling of your hair is often the reason why your hair has no volume or is drying out.

One of the mein factors is the silicone in the hair products. Silicone already plastic polymers which are used everywhere from conditioner to household caulking. Given the popular inclusion of silicone in hair care goods, however, we thought we’d bring in some information what silicon is really doing to our tresses.

THE rudimentary BASICS of Silicon

In hair care products like shampoos as well as conditioner silicone’s are widely used. They are providing slip and shine, can help smooth and straighten your hair. It gives your hair a beautiful, conditioned look.

The good effects of the silicone in haircare !!!

The good effect of the silicone’s in hair care are plenty. The artificial silicone cover give hair a good look by coating each individual hair. The layer from the silicon covers and protects your hair. Silicone’s have unusually several names and can normally recognised by names ending with “cone”.


Silicone’s are artificial and mineral oil based. The main purpose is it to apply it for sealing against water, like in your bath room. It is not a organic component and its side effects are harmful when used in haircare.

It gives the hair the illusion of a healthy glow, but it is a unreal glow from plastic. That is is not what we want, we wish our hair properly hydrated and naturally healthy.

The silicone’s will weight-en your hair, making it limp, make it lifeless, and over the time, very dull. Due to the silicone layer no moisture will reach the hair and the hair becomes like a magnet for dirt.

So we will get a good shine for a short time, but over a longer time span because of the lack of humidity, the hair will will get brittle and can lead to frizz as well as breakage. Your hair will get dry, because the silicone barrier on your hair strands, will keep the proteins from getting in the hair, which will weaken the hair additionally.

The “Builtup” Effect

The, silicone is really hydrophobic, which means they do not washout of your hair, and the silicone layers are adding up layer by layer. This is leaving the hair feeling heavy and greasy at the end of the day. We’ve found when hair feels greasy, consumers will style their hair even more adding extra damage due to the added silicone. This is called the cycle of damage.


Especially for curly hair the silicone’s will be a big disadvantage. It stuck on the curls and weight-en them. All the volume and lift will go because of the additional weight which gives a crappy look. When you have curly hair and no volume be careful with silicone.

So silicone is one of the main problem if you have not enough volume in your hair. The solution is to choose a silicone free hair product. You can find a lot of exciting information and plenty of products on the internet today. Start your personal research of the product by checking the element list which is normally on the rear side of the product and don’t trust everything they say on the ingredient list or on the internet.

Good information you can discover for example under Silicone-free shampoo

The summary concerning silicon free haircare !!!

There are many silicone-free haircare products on the market. If you have silicone free hair you will get your volume back. Then use a silicone free volume shampoo to make your hair natural beautiful. The best for the health of your hair are vegan or natural goods. They are a little bit more costly but do not make compromises on the health and beauty.

For the health of your body and your beauty you should only try to give the best to your body and don’t go for the cheapest price. Organic products without silicone cost only a little more and are the perfect hair care for long time success.