The Role of Negative Air Pressure Machine for Dust Control

The Role of Negative Air Pressure Machine for Dust Control

Construction has always been a dirty job. It is dirty for a variety of different reasons, mixing, and demolition and rebuilding. Most of us have been near a construction site in our daily lives, whether it was in your own home or down your city block and you might have noticed a few different things while there. The first thing you would notice is the noise, construction is stereotypically noisy. The next thing you will notice is the amount of dust that accumulates quickly.

Consair has found a way to decrease the amount of dust in the air without negative air pressure when mixing mortar, plaster and mud. These products are typically sold in bags that you need to mix together. Also these materials are known for being one of the larger contributors to the air pollution in the construction industry as a whole. An article about how to reduce air pollution in the construction site by Conserve Energy Future said that 23% of the air pollution is from construction.

CAMU D2 source extractor is a compact and easily maneuvered around any construction site with ease only being around 62 pounds. The patent pending easy to install filter has an indicator light when it needs to be changed and keeps all the dust within the filter itself.

Airing on the Side of Caution

Unlike a negative air machine, the air is not sucked out of the room to isolate the space. Negative air pressure is primarily used in infectious rooms where you would want the contaminants to stay put and not leave the designated space. Although, that is not what this machine does. It is important to note the differences. The CAMU D2 source extractor only removes debris or dust from the blending of the dry mix products, not any contaminants. It is simply filtering the air through itself.

Extract-All Ultra Clean Negative Air Systems reduces 99 percent of dust content at any job site. Depending on the job location you may have certain air quality standards to abide by and this little machine can help you do it. Remedial measures such as sweeping, may take a worker away from the completion of a project and adds more dust to the air. In addition bringing the large garbage bins full of dust down multiple flights of stairs or even just outside on the main level can occasionally be a two man job. Not to mention it brings all the dust back into the air after it settled to the floor.

You Can Breathe Easier

Without the use of a sealed room and a negative air machine you could never make 100 percent that your job site is perfectly clear from contaminants. However, with the help of the CAMU D2 you can remove most of the dust, thus making the site cleaner than it would be without it. Your works may even remove their respirator while mixing near the machine. The use of this handy machine will ensure clean up is a breeze.