Reusable Versus Plastic Bags? Which Are Better for Environment?

Plastic bags became popular for several reasons and they were manufactured as well as distributed with good intention. The only issue is that they were discarded after single use, so it became a leading environment concern. Right from its manufacturing process to its use and waste play a huge role in creating environmental issues.

Paper bag usage is also a good option but its shipping cost is more and only 20% end in recycle arena, while the rest share the landfill causing twice atmospheric waste just like the plastic ones.

Material matters

Fortunately, reusable grocery bags are a great option for people. They are made from eco-friendly material like cotton, jute, bamboo and recycled polypropylene. The first three are sustainable material and easily bio-degradable. Polypropylene is made from recycled plastic and after years of use can be recycled and repurposed.


Custom bags designed from sustainable materials are tough and capable to carry heavy loads. The handles are intended to carry lots of stuff comfortably and with ease. Eco bags with laminated finish fortifies its durability as well as contains, leaks spills or condensation.

Bags with flat bottom design is foldable and can be stowed anyplace like in a desk, travel bag or car. You will always be prepared to go shopping!

Promotional bags are great marketing tool

Customers can be transformed into walking ads with inexpensive customized reusable totes.

Customized promotional bags are –

  • Tangible representation for charities and non-profits to raise awareness.
  • Act like mini billboards as they will be consistently reused giving wide exposure for business or corporate message.
  • Positive advertising form that can be used at trade shows, exhibitions, events, and conferences.
  • Practical keepsakes for marking special occasions like events, Independence Day and anniversaries and special occasions in the fashion and high street sector.
  • For promoting recycling initiatives in colleges and universities.
  • Good educational tool to engage students and enhance environmental awareness.

Tailor your tote bag marketing tool to suit the target. Integrate logos and text in a way that the print has to be identified from a distance. The tote bag offers great value to recipients in their daily life, so even choose an appropriate time to hand it out.

Plenty of options

Reusable totes are available in variety of size and shapes. Choose from the cotton roll up tote, non-woven or woven grocery bag, insulated thermo bag, drawstring closure bag, rope handle jute bags, sling bag and lots more. You can forget the monotonous paper or plastic bags.

The chosen exclusive style even creates awareness. You may even encourage some onlookers at the shopping mall and they can end up following your fashion trend. You will feel good to contribute to an eco-friendly move of conserving water and land.

It shows you care!

Reusable totes reduce the harmful toxins spreading in the water and air. You can use them many times to replace usage of hundreds of plastic bags. They will hardly reach the ocean like the plastic bags that are responsible to kill marine life and sea birds.

Some grocery stores offer customers who carry reusable bags discounts. Government has also encouraged the use of eco-friendly bags via banning use of plastic bags, enforcing taxes, recycling mandates, and imposing penalties.