An internal declutter: quick changes you can make to simplify your life

An internal declutter: quick changes you can make to simplify your life

In the recently-released NHS Long Term Plan, a £2.3 billion a year investment into transforming mental health care was announced. This investment stemmed from the realisation than in 2019, our society is struggling with mental health issues more than ever before. In particular, stress and anxiety are interfering with our daily lives in very serious ways. As a result, it is crucial to recognise when our lives are becoming overcomplicated before our stress and anxiety levels become unmanageable.

It’s important to declutter from time-to-time, so we’ve put together our top tips on how to simplify your life.

Write to-do lists

Just before you go to bed, prepare a quick to-do list of things you want or need to achieve the next day. The list can be prioritised and categorised, but make it manageable. A to-do list is designed to keep you on track, not demotivate you with unachievable tasks.

Set monthly goals

On the subject of to-do lists, set yourself 1-3 goals a month. Rather than far-fetched and unrealistic New Year’s resolutions, monthly goals are up-to-date and focused on your real ambitions. They prompt you to start new habits and help to break larger goals down into manageable chunks.

Have a wardrobe clear-out

Decluttering your wardrobe may seem like a huge task, but it doesn’t have to be if you make clearing out your wardrobe a more regular task. Spend an hour 2-3 times a year assessing what’s in your wardrobe. Donate unused items to charity, or even sell on some of your past buys to make some spare cash.

Simplify your morning routine

Sleep is so important for good mental health, so don’t compromise it with an elaborate morning routine. Many parts of your routine can be prepared the night before. Hang up your clothes, pack your bag, prepare your lunch, even put your coffee and spoon into a mug ready for water!

Unsubscribe from emails

If you check your emails a lot or have email notifications, the time spent looking at and deleting promotional emails quickly adds up. Next time you receive an unwanted email from a company or you’re getting lots of sales-driven emails from your favourite brand, scroll to the bottom of the email and find the ‘unsubscribe’ link.

Make, and cancel, appointments

Many appointments are necessary and should be scheduled ahead of time, especially if you have limited availability. If you know you’re due a dental check-up or a medical exam, ensure that these appointments are made in advance. Non-essential appointments, however, should be cancelled. If you’re looking to free up your time, consider leaving longer between hair and beauty appointments, for example.

Go digital

In 2019, many mundane, day-to-day tasks can be accomplished online – often saving you time, money, and energy. Managing your finances online is now the best way to keep track of your incomings and outgoings. Online grocery shopping saves a lengthy trip to the shops. You can even take advantage of online prescriptions by Lawsat Pharm.