Top Food Items to Boost Metabolic Rate

Top Food Items to Boost Metabolic Rate

We all know about a person who eats like an elephant without increasing a single pound of body weight. Have you ever wondered what the reason behind it is? It is genetic, some people have faster metabolic rates than others. Other than this your sex, age, eating habits and physical activities also play a significant role in enhancing the body’s metabolic rate. You don’t have any control on your age and gender, but there are several ways to boost metabolism and burn fat at a much faster rate. Adopt a healthy lifestyle and eat a balanced diet. Food which is full of energy, but has a low fat percentage is considered good. Let us find out a couple of food items to boost your metabolism. Find out the genuineness of any over-the-counter product before using it.

Metabolism Enhancing Food Items

You cannot afford to leave your home without eating breakfast. A healthy breakfast will give you high energy and this means you can burn more calories throughout the day. Breakfast is the first meal of your day and this will keep you active. On the other hand, when you are empty stomach, your body will burn fewer calories. This is body’s phenomena to keep calories in reserve and use it only when food is available. So if you want to increase your metabolism, you are supposed to start your day with a healthy breakfast. Moreover, it will also reduce the chances of overeating.


Milk is beneficial in several ways; it will not only increase your body’s core temperature, which results in boosting metabolic rate, it is also a good source of calcium. Proper consumption of calcium will keep your bones healthy. A research was conducted on a group of people willing to lose weight. A group of dieters was given 1200 mg of calcium every day, whereas the other group of dieters was asked to continue with their weight loss diet without milk. The group of dieterswho were consuming milk lost twice weight in comparison with the other group.


Eggsare full of protein and other minerals, it is a healthy way to boost metabolism. Protein takes more energy for digestion, so the much protein you will consume, the harder your body has to work out to digest it. This entire process will burn a good amount of calories. Any over-the-counter productcannot serve the purpose, you need to know about the quality of the product before using it.


It is a good combination of complex carbohydrates, quality protein, fiber and vitamins. It is also beneficial to reduce bad cholesterol in the body. Consume a bowl of oatmeal every day to lower down your blood cholesterol level.


Fruits and vegetables to boost metabolism

Apples and Pear

Apples and pears also play a significant role in increasing metabolism. Both of these fruits are full of pectin, which is helpful in lowering cholesterol and body fat. It will keep you fuller for a long time and this will help you not to eat much. A study was conducted in Brazil on the benefits of consuming apple and pears in a weight loss program. Women who ate three apples and three pears every day, they lost more weight in comparison to those women who were consuming oats on a daily basis.

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